From conceptual design to series production

Production planning and processes

We offer a comprehensive view on production orders. Our experts can provide you with ideal support from conception and material selection to optimized process parameters.

Design and calculation

with CAD-CAM

Our production scheduling department programs complex components using CAD-CAM and then simulates production sequences to determine exact run times. We process all common CAD file formats and thus ensure that transfer errors can be eliminated. Our experts check the models and can even support you in application-based component optimization.

Our iMachining process allows us to machine your components quickly and with efficient cycles, while increasing the quality of the finished parts through particularly gentle handling of the material. Digital setup plans as well as standardized parameters and work sequences ensure 100% reproducibility of the components.

Effecient delivery on your batch order

Series production

Structured and transparent workflows and processes guarantee smooth execution of your batch order. Our digital setup plans as well as standardized parameters and work sequences guarantee 100% reproducibility of your components.

In addition, we can document this reproducibility for you during production through our fully automatic measurement in the machining center and further tests in our laboratories.

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