Machining methods

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Our machining and post-processing facilities produce complex components for you. Our services form a modular toolbox from which you can select exactly the steps that will perfect your product.

Our proprietary thermosets and laminates, combined with our state-of-the-art machinery and the materials expertise that only a materials developer can offer, guarantee you the best and most cost-effective components for your application.
We will be happy to advise you on manufacturing tolerances as well as help you develop your components and define the tolerances required for your application.


We can process the surfaces of composite panels for you on various grinding machines meeting a wide range of requirements. Whole panels or individual pre-cuts can be ground to a tight tolerance and uniform thickness. The achieved parallelism and thickness tolerances are market-leading. The final surface smoothness can be adjusted to your needs by selecting the grit size of the abrasive.

Wet grinding machines, such as the Elb gantryLine, enable a high-quality grinding result in a one-piece workflow – with aviation-approved cooling lubricant.



Our CNC machinists set up your order on the most suitable equipment in our large machine pool of 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers. Among them are cutting-edge 5-axis CNC machining centers, such as the DMU 85 monoBlock. The simultaneous operation of all axes opens up incredible possibilities in the machining of 3D surfaces. Optimized processes and reduced setup times lead to noticeable advantages for our customers.

With our particularly gentle iMachining process, components of the highest quality can be created with short run-times.



We have numerous CNC lathes in our machine pool. These are characterized by large clamping diameters of up to 1200 mm and multi-axis machining. The multi-axis technology enables us to manufacture even complex components in a short time and with the highest precision.

An automatic tool change and driven tools are standard and ensure highest quality in series production.



Cylindrical grinding

Our center-less cylindrical grinding machines cover a wide range of requirements. For example, we can process grinding diameters from 2 mm up to 300 mm on our machines.

Further, we fit square and round bars up to a length of 2800 mm with a right-hand or left-hand thread.



Are you looking for precise blanks made of thermoset sheet material? In our sawmill, sheets, tubes, rods and profiles can be trimmed or automatically cut to your required dimensions. We have special processes to minimize off-cuts. With our wide range of composite materials, you can give free rein to your imagination.



From simple surface sealing to sophisticated electrical coatings, our experts can help you refine your components with coatings.

Depending on your requirements, this will make your thermoset component more durable, more wear-resistant, reduce sliding friction, or highly resistant to corrosion and chemical stresses.



Our full service enables you to obtain ready-made assemblies from us instead of individual components. We can pre-assemble the individual parts for you and fix them by screwing or gluing. We can handle both small and large series.

As experts in specialty chemicals, we always use the most suitable adhesive for the application and material. We use cold- and hot-curing as well as single- and multi-component adhesives. To improve the quality of the assembled finished parts, we can use our special assembly room. The spacial separation helps to minimize contamination during adhesive assembly.


Marking and labeling

To facilitate further processing, we can mark the finished components with type information or similar. In addition to adhesive labels, we can apply your marking directly to the components using thermal transfer printing or laser inscription. We are also happy to stamp your components in accordance with aviation standards using a special durable ink to achieve a long-lasting and gentle marking. This allows a high degree of traceability and batch identification.

Machining methods

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Contact us with your needs and we will assist you in selecting the most suitable processing methods for your needs.

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Highest quality


The high quality of our components is standardized and documented in the form of several certifications. For some of our customers, the EN 9100:2018 certification is particularly noteworthy. This aerospace standard ensures exceptional traceability and batch separation from raw materials to the finished component.
We pay particular attention to environmental impacts across our sites and strive for continuous improvement.
In this context, we are ISO 50001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

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