Examples from our daily practice

Customers from various industries count on our material and machining expertise. We also manufacture complex components from batch size 1 to large series. Find inspiration for your projects in our selected examples.

Slot wedges

Due to their excellent properties, our materials are used in slot wedge production.

Our glass-epoxy materials are characterized by very high mechanical strength and a high temperature index.

In addition, the Vetroferrit® material is particularly suitable for special slot wedges. Its particularly high magnetic permeability combined with the highest mechanical and thermal performance significantly increases the efficiency of motors and generators.

Our wedges can be manufactured from a material thickness of 1 mm and above without having to compromise on strength, as our materials can guarantee enough glass layers even with low material thicknesses.


Ball bearing cages

High-precision ball bearing cages, such as those in a dentist’s drill, must withstand vibrations and mechanical stresses caused by very high rotational speeds as well as strong chemical stress during cleaning and sterilization.

Our special cotton-phenolic products are used to produce cages for ball bearings of the highest precision. Key features are excellent wear resistance and machinability, particularly for very small ball bearing cages. Our advantage? We use a very fine fabric with a particularly high thread density, which allows for the thinnest material thicknesses and very low machining tolerances while maintaining the highest level of mechanical strength.


Doctor blades

To clean the rollers in paper machines, different doctor blades are used during the process. The choice of material and the correct chamfering of the blade are crucial for the durability and cleaning performance of a doctor blade.

Von Roll offers a wide portfolio of different materials for every combination of ambient temperature and humidity as well as mechanical loads. The most economical solution is the mechanically resilient glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite materials. For more demanding requirements, we offer built-ups with glass and carbon fiber reinforced mixed structures or pure carbon doctor blades.


Slides and vanes

We combine our leading materials expertise with excellence in the manufacture of slides and vanes. Slides and vanes in vacuum pumps and air compressors require particularly low friction and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, very tight tolerances, mechanical strength at elevated temperature, and chemical resistance.

Our optimized climate management ensures the production and delivery of work-pieces with the tightest tolerances – and in large-scale production.




Weight saving is extremely important in aviation as it saves fuel and protects the environment. Therefore, floor panels are made from very light honeycomb structures. In order to reinforce these at certain points to install chairs, plugs made of glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites are glued in.

With Vetronite EGS 619, Von Roll has a material in its portfolio with ideal properties for this application. Excellent mechanical properties are paired with fire protection at very low density.


Solder pallets

Circuit boards are irreplaceable for the modern world and advancing digitalization. The production of these boards is therefore a highly automated process. For the soldering process, the unfinished circuit boards are placed on soldering frames, passed through an oven and into a hot soldering bath. Afterwards a cleaning process of the solder pallet takes place.

Von Rolls Vetronite EGS T23 AS offers the best conditions as a material for soldering frames. It easily withstands the high temperatures in the process, is resistant to the cleaning agents used, has extremely high mechanical properties and is easy to process at the same time.

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