Examples from our daily practice

Customers from various industries count on our material and machining expertise. We also manufacture complex components from batch size 1 to large series. Find inspiration for your projects in our selected examples.

Slot wedges

In our modern slot wedge mills, we can produce slot lock wedges in a wide variety of shapes. In doing so, we can meet even the most difficult quality requirements through the harmonious interaction of our composite materials and our machining processes.

Our Vetroferrit® is particularly suitable for special slot wedges. Its extra-high magnetic permeability combined with maximum mechanical and thermal performance opens new design paths for motors and generators.

Our wedges can be manufactured from a material thickness of 1 mm upwards without compromising on strength. The key? Even with low material thicknesses a sufficient number of fabric layers can be guaranteed by our materials.

This interplay of material and machining makes us a sought-after partner for manufacturers of electric motors and generators.


Gear milling

We can manufacture your sophisticated gears made of thermoset composites directly for you. Our machines allow us to create both straight and helical gears. We will gladly draw in the key-way for a feather key according to your requirements.

We have all common module sizes in our tool stock and can therefore react quickly and cost-effectively to your request.


Ball bearing cages

High-precision ball bearing cages, such as in a dental drill, must withstand vibrations caused by very high rotational speeds as well as strong chemical stress during cleaning and sterilization.

We combine special cotton phenolic products with our machining expertise to produce cages for ball bearings used in a large number of industrial machinery and equipment. Main features are excellent wear resistance and machinability, especially for very small cages. Our advantage? We use an ultra-fine fabric with a particularly high thread density, which combines the thinnest material thickness with the highest mechanical strength.


Doctor blades

Different doctor blades are used to clean the cylinders in paper machines during the paper-making process. The choice of material and the correct bevel of the blade are decisive for the durability and cleaning performance of a doctor blade.


Slides and vanes

We combine our leading materials expertise with excellence in the manufacture of slides and vanes. Slides and vanes in vacuum pumps and air compressors require particularly low friction and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, very tight tolerances, mechanical strength at elevated temperature, and chemical resistance.

Our optimized climate management ensures the production and delivery of work-pieces with the tightest tolerances – and in large-scale production.


Brand names

Brands and proprietary solutions

Brand names require experts to keep track. Contact us with your needs and we will be happy to advise you on the selection of materials suitable for your needs.

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