Pre-products in the B-stage


Our wide range of composites combines standard materials with our own formulations, offering unprecedented adaptability to the respective application. The materials expertise of our technical project managers goes far beyond market standards.

We offer semi-finished products in the form of sheets and pre-cuts, tubes, rods as well as pressed profiles based on our prepregs. The prepregs are also directly available on request.
Special qualities as well as the development of application-specific materials are possible.


Von Roll has a broad portfolio of pre-impregnated laminates with specific properties for a wide range of industrial applications. This includes standard grades as well as highly specific solutions for special requirements. We are also happy to carry out contracted impregnation of technical laminates for you.

In our state-of-the-art production facilities, we use a wide variety of impregnation technologies – e.g. dip coating, kiss coating or transfer coating. Due to extra-wide impregnation lines and strictly controlled climatic conditions, we achieve the highest productivity and quality.

In order to document the best quality transparently, we can seamlessly monitor the entire process chain from the receipt of the individual raw materials, through the resin mixture, to the finished prepreg. Traceability according to EN 9100 is thus ensured.

Discover the multitude of combinations

As experts in the formulation of resins and impregnation of technical fabrics, we offer a wide variety of prepregs – the possibilities for combinations are (almost) endless.

Our chemistry experts are constantly inventing new resin formulations. In combination with the latest production processes, this results in a wide range of epoxy, phenolic, polyester, silicone, polyimde, and gum resins. An excellent backbone for laminates with the highest flexibility and excellent technical properties.

These resins, in combination with our substrates, form the core of our prepregs: glass fabric, glass mats, mica paper, aramid fabric, cotton fabric, paper, carbon fiber fabric, glass fiber, polyester fabric.

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